Advancing The Sanctity Of Human Life On Capitol Hill

The Face of God

Dec 26, 2019

Several years ago, a couple followed their GPS to a local abortion clinic. They arrived at the building the GPS had indicated and were ushered in, only to find that the GPS had steered them wrong; the abortion clinic was down the block and the couple had mistakenly entered a pro-life pregnancy resource center. Instead of an abortion, the couple was offered an ultrasound. The young man was adamant, they would leave and get the abortion they had planned.  The young woman, in tears, was equally adamant; she wanted that ultrasound.

Will you help us offer hope to the unborn?

Staff technicians performed the procedure and the miraculous happened: the young man, having laid eyes on his child for the very first time was consumed with joy; so much joy in fact, that he raced through the waiting room, showing the printed ultrasound images to everyone who would look – ‘HERE’S MY BABY’! A child’s life was saved that day.

A little over 2,000 years ago another couple saw the face of their child for the first time. Imagine Joseph and Mary, alone in a strange land, bedded down in nothing but a straw filled barn, looking on the face of their baby for the first time and filled with the joyous knowledge that the tiny visage before them was the Son of God – a child who would save the lives of the world.

The truth is, every single day in America, pro-life resource centers offer young parents the opportunity to see the face of God reflected in the babies still nestled in their mother’s wombs. The work done in spreading the truth about abortion and giving frightened young parents the opportunity to see firsthand the miracle of creation, is saving lives.

Will you join us this Christmas season in saving and celebrating the lives the Lord gives us?

At the National Pro-Life Center, we work diligently to provide the most current, top notch scientific data on abortion — from the heavy toll it takes on the abortive parents’ psyches and souls, to the very real medical dangers of exterminating pre-born life.  Our resources provided free of charge to not only pregnancy resource centers like the one above, but also to congressmen, legislators, members of the judiciary, churches and the general population ARE saving lives.  But we need YOUR help to continue this fight.

Your generous donation today enables us to spread the truth about abortion, and to save the lives of God’s children.  Won’t you take a moment to donate today?

Your missionary team to Capitol Hill,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Greg Cox, Lead Missionary