Advancing The Sanctity Of Human Life On Capitol Hill

Acceptability is an ever-moving target...

Feb 12, 2019

Have you considered how the arguments for abortion have changed over the 
years? What was once touted as “safe, legal, and rare” is now considered a “common experience” and essential “reproductive justice” for women.

We used to be told that a preborn baby is simply a clump of cells, and therefore abortion does not actually end a life. Advances in technology make life in the womb undeniable, and so the argument for abortion has changed once again. Now the presence of life is irrelevant. Regardless of whether the baby is alive or not, abortion proponents claim it is a woman’s “right” to terminate that life, at any time, for any reason.

Recently we’ve seen states such as New York, Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island and others, seeking to make abortion-on-demand up until birth as part of state law. In addition, a bill was blocked in the United States Senate that sought to provide protection for babies that survive an abortion and are born alive.

You can see how the line of what is acceptable to abortion advocates is ever-changing, and we believe this shifting line is intentional. Where America has arrived, and the direction abortion proponents are trying to take us, is precisely the place we were always headed when the door was opened to ending life in the womb. As soon as America is conditioned to taking life at one stage, the line moves, and we warm up to the idea of taking life at another stage. And on it goes.

When you abandon absolute truth, the line of acceptability is an ever-moving target, subject to the whims of culture.

This departure from truth does not just impact the preborn. 
Once you devalue life and decide that a person’s worth hinges on whether he/she is “wanted” or not, every other segment of society is at risk of losing their life; the elderly, infirm, and handicap become expendable too.

This is why we must proclaim truth – every life is created in the image of God, begins at conception, and is worthy of protection.

These states pushing a radical agenda are bringing abortion to the forefront of conversations, and National Pro-Life Center is stationed on Capitol Hill to promote a culture of life as questions are raised. We are actively educating and informing the consciences of leaders who waver on life issues, and we are encouraging and affirming those who are taking a bold stand for the voiceless.

The National Pro-Life Center is fighting for life on Capitol Hill and around the nation! Together our voices are louder and clearer. We need your HELP to further educate and reach even more throughout our nation. Donate NOW to help our voice grow stronger.

For Life,

Mat Staver, Esq.

National Pro-Life Center